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                   Hidden in beech forested mountains and native tussock lands at 900m above sea level,

                                          Forest Lodge offers affordable, comfortable and unique accommodation for all walks of life.

                                                  Situated only  1.5 hrs  from Christchurch city and surrounded by some of New Zealand's best 

                                                      skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, rock-climbing, paragliding and fly fishing,
                                                        Forest Lodge has a natural ice-rink and 
is an adventure enthusiasts dream.

                                                       Whether your looking for an adrenaline-filled weekend or a relaxed nature escape, rest                                                                       assured  you will find what you are seeking...


At Forest Lodge we are driven towards supporting the natural world. We believe that we are extremely lucky to be living in such a unique pristine alpine environment and want to do our best in keeping it that way!

We are continually making steps towards being more self-sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Being an off-grid lodge we rely largely on solar power to power the lodge. We do however, use a diesel generator for heating and hot water supply. We are currently working on installing a more eco-friendly wood fired boiler to replace the generator and therefore largely decrease our carbon footprint..


We only use natural cleaning products throughout the lodge and ask if guests can follow suit with their toiletries as well. We are on a septic tank system which is very sensitive to harsh chemicals that go down the drains, so we offer a range of Eco Store soaps, shampoos & conditioners available for purchase at the Lodge.

.: Night Skies :.

One of the most favored experiences that guests have when they visit Forest Lodge, is the pristine star gazing you can get from just off the lodge deck.

With zero light pollution and the nearest town being 30 minutes drive away, it makes for exceptional night sky viewing.

Bring your night lens, and get the milky way shot you've been after!

.: Events :.

Forest Lodge hosts multiple events throughout the year as it offers an unique space in the wilderness for many different groups alike. From meditation retreats to business conferences, music events to school camps, Forest Lodge caters to what you need.

Stay tuned for upcoming events here...

Forest Lodge is available for exclusive hire. The lodge sleeps 38 people in dorm-style rooms for $1000 per night.

If interested in an exclusive hire of Forest Lodge, check availability here, or email for further enquiries.

Please note: We have a STRICT NO STAG DO policy due to previous issues with these type of events.

.: kura tĀwhiti :.
.: Castle hill :.

Kura Tāwhiti/ Castle Hill is a spectacular landscape of large limestone boulders in contrast with surrounding snow capped mountains.

This area is held in high regard by many nations. Kura Tāwhiti holds Tōpuni status, meaning there is a cloak of protection over the land. Tōpuni ensures that the conservation and values from the people of the land are acknowledged and respected.

The limestone rocks of Castle Hill basin are spectacular rock climbing/ bouldering site.

Follow this link here for more info.

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